In just over a decade, the Boghossian Industrial and Investment Group (BIG) has grown from a small office in Lebanon to become a leading multinational company with numerous subsidiaries and associated companies in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Italy, Russia, Asia & the United States of America.

As an investment group, BIG is continually seeking opportunities to invest time and money in new and exciting business ventures that compliment and expand its existing portfolio of interests.

As an industrial group, BIG concentrates on its core vertical markets (the oil industry, water and wastewater treatment, civil engineering, and electrical engineering) and offers a wealth of experience to its clients on a global scale. BIG has delivered numerous solutions to these verticals including heavy industrial equipments, spare parts, power plants, steel plants, fertilizer plants, chemicals, water treatments, civil engineering, construction, heating and air conditioning works.

Some of the core activities that the investment group is involved in include:

  • Finance & Project investments
  • General Trading & Contracting

Through its work, BIG has earned respect as a company that serves its customers with the best products and high levels of service at the most competitive prices, and is continually dedicated to establishing & enhancing long lasting, beneficial business relationships with its international clients, suppliers and partners. BIG also continually invests to ensure that it maintains efficient operations and a high standard of service throughout its business operations, and believes that this commitment to excellence will ensure the continued growth and prosperity of the industrial & investment group.

Within the Middle East, and specifically Iraq, BIG and its subsidiaries have an extensive successful service history and have supplied and serviced both private and governmental organizations in the following vertical markets:

A brief outline of the types of projects and services provided by BIG in each vertical can be found under the list of current and completed projects.

For more information on the Boghossian Industrial & Investment Group, investment or partnership opportunities, please contact us at the relevant office, or by using our contact form on this site.

March 2005

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